About Us

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Fortune Life Wealth Management Solutions Private Limited, ‘Temple of Wealth Management’. Our mission is to simplify the lives of our clients by providing tailor-made financial solutions based on the risk-profile and financial goals of prospective clients. In general, people create financial clutter by buying various financial products in isolation in the absence of a written-down ‘Financial Planning’. Life becomes very complicated with multiple bank accounts, multiple investment & insurance products bought because of the attractive features of products or sheer out of obligation from the individuals and institutions. At certain point, such investors, including the genius ones who buy them from various robotic platforms, find themselves lost in the web of complicated investments!

At Fortune Life, we refuse to get into financial transactions in the absence of written-down Financial Planning! At the beginning, our mission is to listen to our prospects with patience to know about their income, expenses, liabilities, goals and aspirations. Thereafter we try to educate them about the importance of regular savings; necessity of making investments based on right Asset Allocation in various financial products based on their financial goals and risk-profile! We also educate them about the various financial products, the risks and the returns under different financial products. We have financial solutions for all time-horizons such as for 15 days to 50 years too! We have solutions for all category of investors such as for children, youths, married couple, retired persons, High Net-worth Individuals and Companies! We provide written-down Financial Solutions for individuals and Companies and thereafter chase the predefined financial goals of our clients by remaining deaf and dumb to daily market volatility.

“Money is the source of all evil as long as the man revolves around the money; but the very same money becomes solution for all evils when money revolves around the man”. Life is more valuable than money; hence, our mission is to create Prosperity with Peace & Serenity! We do not transact business with the prospects until they understand their Financial Planning in totality. Sometimes it may even take 3 to 4 meetings before beginning the financial transactions. We even reserve the right to say ‘No’ to prospects if they are unwilling to abide by the financial discipline. We give the liberty to our prospects and clients to say ‘No’ to us if we don’t live up to their expectations in terms of providing value based financial advice and services. Mutual engagement should result in greater Peace & Prosperity to either parties. We believe in multiplying money & happiness!

About Founders

Fortune Life Wealth Management Team is blessed with very senior, middle-aged and young Professionals with a blend of wisdom and knowledge to manage the hard-earned money of investors with total devotion and commitment. As and when required the Advisory Team provides valuable academic and technical information to the Wealth Management team in order to deliver tax-efficient financial solutions to the clients of Fortune Life Wealth Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. R. P. Sharma is a symbol of integrity and credibility among the insurance fraternity of Delhi. He started his Insurance Agency career way back in the year 1989. He has an experience of 29 years in providing Life Insurance Solutions to many house-holds who hold him in high esteem for his commitments and services. He is passionate about the need of Life Insurance because in the absence of adequate Life Insurance the dreams of dependent family members are shattered in the event of the death of the breadwinner! He believes that Life Insurance is the pillar of Financial Planning.

Mr. Joseph E. Menezes is one of the renowned Financial Planners in India having 28 years of expertise in providing ‘Total Financial Solutions’. He is the author of unique concepts of ‘Liquid Wealth’, ‘Solid Wealth’ and ‘Semi-Solid Wealth’. He is popular among the investors for providing ethical financial solutions; and among the financial intermediaries for his motivational talks at various financial conferences in India, Nepal, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. His Articles provide insight to Market Outlook and provides hope and optimism, especially in times of volatile market conditions. He practices and preaches simplicity & discipline! In addition to providing financial solutions, he motivates people to take charge of their lives so that they can change their tomorrow by making wise decisions Today!

Mr. Sanjay Sharma is an energetic Financial Planner with 21 years of expertise in Risk Management. He is known among the HNI Investors for his innovative concepts of ‘Liability Hedging’, and ‘Corporate Succession Risk Management’. He is excellent in networking and relationship management. He adds energy and dynamism to Fortune Life Team with a mission to create wealth for the investors through innovative and tailor-made financial solutions.

Josveen J. Menezes is the youngest Professional of Fortune Life Team having both technical and financial expertise. He provides technical and analytical support to the team with continuous research in finance along with in-depth studies regarding life cycles and needs of modern generation. He believes that youth are the ‘Present’ and ‘Future’ of India. Miracles can be worked with the little savings of young investors because of the long-term compounding benefits!