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Wealth Management Team
fortune Life Wealth Management Team is blessed with very senior, middle-aged and young Professionals with a blend of wisdom and knowledge to manage your money with total devotion and commitments. As and when required the Advisory Team provides valuable academic and technical information to the wealth management team in order to deliver tax-efficient financial solutions to the clients of fortune Life Company.

Mr. R. P. Sharma

is a symbol of integrity and credibility among the insurance fraternity in Delhi, having 25 years of experience in providing Total Life Insurance solutions to many house-holds who hold him in high esteem for his commitments and services. He is passionate about the need of Life Insurance because in the absence of adequate Life Insurance the dreams of dependent family members are shattered. He believes that Life Insurance is the pillar of Financial Planning.

Mr. Joseph E. Menezes

is one of the renowned Financial Planners in India having 24 years of expertise in creating 'Total Financial Solutions'. He is the author of unique concepts like "Liquid Wealth", "Solid Wealth" and "Semi-Solid Wealth". He is popular among the investors for his sound and ethical financial solutions and also among financial intermediaries for his motivational talks at various financial conferences. In addition to providing financial solutions; he motivates people to take charge of their lives so that they can change their Tomorrow by making wise decisions Today!

Mr. Sanjay R. P. Sharma

is an energetic Financial Planner with 18 years of expertise in Wealth and Risk Management. He is known among HNI Investors for his innovative concepts of 'Risk Hedging', 'Corporate Succession Risk Management' and 'Wealth Creation for Promoters / Directors of Private Limited Companies. He adds energy and dynamism to the team of Fortune Life with a mission to create wealth for the investors through innovative and tailor-made financial solutions.

Mr. Josveen . Menezes

is the youngest professional in the fortune Life team having both technical and financial expertise. He provides technical and analytical support to the team with continuous re-search in finance along with in-depth studies regarding life-styles and needs of modern generation. He believes that youth are the 'Present' and 'Future' of India. Miracles can be worked with the little savings of young investors because of the long-term compounding benefits.

Mr. Randhir Bhalla

has been closely associated with SME sector for several decades, he has witnessed 'Threats' and 'Risks' inherent to this segment. The Financial Business Continuity Plans designed by him identify 5 Critical Risks that need to be taken care of the owners of every Business Enterprise. He is an author and speaker on this subject at very high profile forums like FICCI and ASSOCHAM. The customized plans designed by him for the promoters of SMEs add lots of value to the Companies and their Promoters, Collaborators, Investors and to the Key-persons in the Organizations.

Mr. B. B. Tandon

is a practicing Chartered Accountant heading M/s. Tandon Brij & Company and having nearly 5 decades of experience in dealing with taxation and company matters. He is specialized in Income Tax Laws especially dealing with HNI segment and Companies. At 74 years of age he is still young in mind and spirit and a great source of inspiration and information. He is one of the guiding forces of Fortune Life with accurate and latest information regarding tax matters so as to provide most tax-efficient financial solutions to our esteemed clients.